Maintaining the Trails at Corporate Woods

Countless people use the Indian Creek Bike and Hike Trail in Corporate Woods as a way to exercise while taking a break from work. But what happens when a heavy rainstorm covers the trail with debris, making it inaccessible? That responsibility rests on the city of Overland Park’s maintenance team, led by Supervisor Scott Shierk.

Scott Shierk Overland Park

The crew of more than two dozen is in charge of keeping the city’s parks and trails safe and accessible year-round. One example is cleaning up the city’s 80 miles of trails after a heavy storm, which includes shoveling mud, removing rocks, and clearing branches.

“Our goal is to keep everyone who uses the trails safe, so cleaning up damage from a storm is a high priority,” said Shierk. “The community is great about alerting us to things we aren’t aware of, and we appreciate everyone’s patience during the process.”

From experience, the team knows the areas that will likely need immediate attention after a storm. However, Corporate Woods recently recorded ten inches of rain from one storm this summer, which caused Indian Creek to rise to a record high and resulted in significant damage to the surrounding area.

Corporate Woods Indian Creek Clean up

“Every storm is different, but the two big rains this summer had a bigger impact than I’ve ever seen,” said Shierk. “The trail washed out in some areas, and we brought in snow plows to remove seven inches of mud along sections of it.”

Throughout the year, they are proactive in minimizing the impact of a storm. For example, the team removes silt buildup under bridges and places large rocks in areas where the trail could wash out. They also conduct monthly inspections by driving the entire trail system looking for areas that could pose a safety hazard.

The trails are one small part of the crew’s job, as they are also responsible for maintaining the 83 parks throughout the city. But, it is clear Shierk’s team takes pride in taking care of the Indian Creek Bike and Hike Trail inside the office park.

Corporate Woods Trail Maintenance

“We know how popular the trails are at Corporate Woods, and it’s always great to see people using them,” said Shierk. “It’s a great amenity for Overland Park, and we do our best to make it something our community can be proud of.”

We are fortunate to have safe and accessible trails here at Corporate Woods, and appreciate the work the city’s crew does all year long! To learn more about Overland Park’s bike and hike trails, please visit the city’s website.

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