Tenant Growth: KBP Foods

Over the last 16 years, KBP Foods in Building 34 has grown from five restaurants to 449 restaurants across 20 states. Today, KBP Foods is one of the largest YUM! Brands franchisees in the country and is consistently ranked among the top 10 fastest growing restaurant companies in the U.S.

What’s their secret?

According to Alan Salts, the company’s CFO, it comes from implementing a strategic system that improves efficiency and increases revenue at each location.

Alan Salts KBP Foods

“At KBP Foods, we never lose sight of how hard it is to run one restaurant,” said Salts. “Our goal is to implement processes, tools and systems that ensure operational success in each restaurant that we own.”

That proven process includes everything from opening and daily preparation processes, a breakdown of daily tasks, and specific roles and duties for everyone. 

KBP Foods Corporate Woods

“At first, it was an intuitive ‘feel’ for what needed to happen at each restaurant,” said Salts. “We eventually standardized it, which allowed us to implement the exact same system at each location.”

As the company expands, Salts said their centralized location in Kansas City manages the implementation of backend processes and systems, provides human resources and marketing support, as well as financial and key metric reporting for their team across the country. 

KBP Foods Kitchen

“Rather than open regional offices across the country, it’s made more sense to grow our headquarters here in Overland Park,” said Salts. “Our operations team is the key to our success. They are most effective when they are in restaurants coaching and teaching. Our role in the support center is to take care of the administrative side of the business so they can stay focused on operations.”

According to Salts, Corporate Woods has accommodated the company’s growth every step of the way. In fact, they recently moved into a brand-new 16,000 square foot office in Building 34 with new features that Salts believes will improve their team’s efficiency and communication. 

KBP Foods Collaboration

“It’s important for our team to work together in collaborative ways,” said Salts. “We’ve created new spaces that encourage people to work together without the formal feeling of a conference room.”

KBP Foods continues to grow, and Salts said Corporate Woods has been instrumental in their ability to evolve.

“Any office park is going to expect you to sign a long-term lease, which makes it challenging to project future growth and space needs,” said Salts. “The team at Corporate Woods has been fantastic because they’ve accommodated our growth so we can stay in the office park.”

Corporate Woods is proud to be part of KBP Foods’ success and growth! To learn more about the company, please visit their website.

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