Tenant Showcase: Affinis Corp.

Ten years ago, the recession threatened business at Affinis Corp., a civil engineering and land surveying firm at Corporate Woods. Fortunately, they soon found a creative solution that not only kept their doors open but took the company to another level.

Affinis Corp

Affinis Corp. is a civil engineering, surveying, and consulting group in Building 6 at Corporate Woods. Founded in 2001, the firm typically works on land surveying and transportation projects. According to Robert Ubben, the company’s Land Surveying Principal, their high-quality work and excellent customer service is what sets them apart from others.

“Our mission is to make lives easier for others, from clients to our employees,” said Ubben. “We pride ourselves on keeping an open line of communication, and being proactive so we can anticipate issues before they happen.”

The 2008 recession meant states spent less money on public improvement projects. While many companies may have panicked, Ubben said the company saw it as an opportunity for growth.

Affinis Corp Corporate Woods

“Everyone in the industry is facing challenges because tax revenue is short, so state projects are scarce and smaller in scope,” said Ubben. “We decided to think outside the box and look for ways we could use our talents for projects at the federal level.”

They soon learned the federal government created a mandate for dam and levee inspections after Hurricane Katrina. According to Ubben, the opportunity fit their expertise.

“We already had people in place qualified to do the work, so we saw it as a no-brainer as a new revenue source,” said Ubben. “We set ourselves up to conduct business with the federal government and started applying for those types of projects.”

Their first project was inspecting a dam ten miles from the Canadian border, and today the division has grown to complete federal work nation-wide.

As the company evolved, they realized they needed to find an office space that would meet their current and future growth needs. Most of their work is within a 60-mile radius of Overland Park, so a centralized location was key. According to Ubben, Corporate Woods offered everything they were looking for.

Affinis Corp Ribbon Cutting

“We love the amenities in the office park, such as the walking trails and quick access to highways, and it was an opportunity to start fresh,” said Ubben. “Moving here boosted our staff’s morale and energized everyone in the company.”

The company’s work has caught the attention of others, both locally and nationally. CE News named Affinis Corp. a “Best Firm to Work for in Civil Engineering” eight out of the last ten years, and honored by Thinking Bigger Business Media in 2012 as one of the top 25 companies in Kansas City with under 25 employees.

Ubben believes the honors are an affirmation of their mission to make lives easier for others.

“We built this office larger than we needed because we anticipate future growth by hiring more employees,” said Ubben. “Our local work is tied to the tax base, but we believe revenues will come back and we can continue our working helping clients with their engineering and surveying needs.”

To learn more about Affinis Corp. and their services, visit their website or call (913) 239-1100.

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