Tenant Showcase: symplr

When you visit the doctor, you trust she has the proper credentials to give you the best care possible. But with almost a million doctors practicing across the country, keeping track of records could be a logistical nightmare.

symplr (formerly Cactus Software) develops software for healthcare organizations to manage physicians’ credentialing data, including their education, training, and qualifications. According to Greg Hall, in his 17th year with the company, they provide an essential solution for the healthcare industry.


“It’s important to keep a detailed record of every physician that follows them throughout their career,” said Hall. “Our software provides an easy-to-use interface for the data medical staff personnel maintains on providers. This allows them to perform complex processes that verify the credentials of each doctor.”

In the mid-1980s, founder John Wandless realized the credentialing process was inefficient and required a massive amount of paperwork. He soon introduced a software solution to hospitals in New Jersey and the company took off. Since then, they’ve developed innovative solutions for the entire healthcare industry.


“We work directly with an organization’s credentialing staff, and they appreciate that we help make their job more efficient and accurate,” said Hall. “They provide us feedback to improve, which helps push the envelope with what we develop.”

In 2016, Cactus Software was acquired by symplr, a leading provider of Software as a Service (SaaS) based healthcare compliance and credentialing solutions based in Houston, TX. According to Rick Pleczko, symplr’s president and CEO, the merger will have a significant impact for both companies.

“Cactus Software has been at the helm of the provider credentialing market for more than 30 years, and we are excited to combine our product and customer portfolios with this highly regarded brand,” said Pleczko. “We are proud to now say that our combined company offers a solution unparalleled by any other vendor in the market.”

Overland Park has always been the company’s home, but the merger meant their previous location wasn’t going to meet their future needs. That’s when they discovered an opportunity at Corporate Woods.


“The merger gave us access to more resources to service parts of the industry we couldn’t reach before, but we needed more space to make it happen,” said Hall. “Our new office at Corporate Woods gives us opportunities to grow with great amenities and an ideal location for our employees.”

After several months of planning and construction, the company recently moved into their renovated office space on the first two floors of Building 34. Each department now has a dedicated space customized to its unique needs, and glass walls offer a stunning view of the office park throughout the space.


“We were a bit nervous about the process, but our general contractor at Baron Construction and the staff at Stoltz did a fantastic job on the project,” said Hall. “They were meticulous and detail-oriented, and the new space will have a significant impact on our future success.”

The past year has brought many changes to Cactus Software, and Hall said the company is poised to do big things in the future.

“Our merger with symplr is exciting because it means they saw enough value in our work to invest a large amount of money and resources into helping us prosper,” said Hall. “There is an opportunity to make this a $100 million company, and do it right here in Corporate Woods.”

To learn more about Cactus Software from symplr, visit their website or call (913) 677-0092.

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