Tenant Showcase: Paragon Capital Management

Too often you hear stories of financial advisors who preyed on their clients through unethical or illegal practices. So when it comes to investing your life savings, it’s important to select a financial advisor who you trust to put your best interests first.

That’s the approach Paragon Capital Management, a high-net-worth money management firm at Corporate Woods, takes. According to owner Craig Novorr, the company focuses on developing relationships with clients and customizing an investment strategy for each person’s unique goals.

Paragon Capital Management Staff

“People turn over their biggest financial assets to us, and they trust us to protect and grow them,” said Novorr. “They tell us their hopes and dreams and count on us to help achieve those. We want to help them make their money last the rest of their lives.”

Founder Howard Jacobson started the company in 1998, and it has since grown to five advisors who manage a combined $515 million for 375 families across the nation. Novorr said their success comes from simplifying the investment process by investing in well-known companies such as Nike or Costco, rather than confusing clients with the stock market’s overcomplicated technology.

“The industry has moved to ‘robo-advisors,’ and other technical approaches that confuse people,” said Novorr. “Our clients feel confident because they own stock in companies they recognize, and for the first time they understand how their money is being invested.”

Craig Novorr Paragon Capital Management

The firm also focuses on nurturing long-lasting relationships with their clients. For example, they host events for clients such as an evening at Starlight Theater as well as friends and family picnics. In fact, they are now working with the children and grandchildren of some of their original clients.

“We get to know our clients and their families on a personal level so we can better serve their needs,” said Novorr. “The longer we know them, the more comfortable they feel because they know we are watching out for their best interests.”

From the day Paragon first opened its door 19 years ago, the company has called Corporate Woods home. In fact, they recently moved into a new office on the top floor of Building 9. The 6,000 square foot office tripled their space and features two conference rooms and an incredible view of Corporate Woods office park.

Paragon Capital Management Corporate Woods

“As we’ve continued to grow, Stoltz Management has helped us find bigger spaces to meet our needs,” said Novorr. “We expect this new space to have a positive impact on our organization and we’ve already received incredible feedback from everyone about it.”

The firm works hard to stay ahead of the industry’s evolving landscape, while also staying true to their philosophy that’s worked for almost 20 years.

“Our goal is to underpromise and overdeliver to our clients, while not getting caught up in the newest fads,” said Novorr. “By building strong relationships with people, they trust we will do what is right for them and know we will always be responsible with their finances.”

To learn more about Paragon Capital Management, visit their website or call (913) 451-2254.

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