Tenant Showcase: Integrated Manufacturing Solutions

When you look around your office, you may notice there are fewer big filing cabinets than there used to be. Why? Companies are moving their information to the “cloud” because it’s more efficient, accessible from anywhere, and saves money.

With this change also comes a change in security, protecting your data from hackers or a crippling system failure has become more important than ever. Integrated Manufacturing Solutions at Corporate Woods knows exactly how a security breach happens, which is why they specialize in providing IT products and services for companies who need to secure their data.


In the late 1990s, President Doug Hays helped a friend who was struggling to manage the massive amount of data for his business. Hays created a custom app, and soon realized he was on to something other companies needed, even if they didn’t know it yet.

“I had experience with data and manufacturing, but working on that first project showed me I could also utilize my love of IT,” said Hays. “When I saw the immediate impact the app had on his business, I realized there was an opportunity to help other companies manage their data and improve efficiency.”

In 1999, Hays launched the business with a focus on helping manufacturers improve their database management. As technology evolved, businesses needed more help with their networking infrastructure.

“When we started, companies had a giant server on site with a dedicated IT staff to manage it every day which caused headaches for everyone,” said Hays. “We were one of the first to help smaller businesses move to the ‘cloud’ and use data center services traditionally only viable to large companies.”


Today, almost every industry is utilizing cloud storage. From patient information at a doctor’s office to client documents at a law firm, companies must ensure their data is backed-up and secure. Hays said recent national headlines have made people realize cybersecurity is more important than ever.

“Protection from hacking is a serious threat for everyone, from the largest corporations down to small businesses,” said Hays. “We’ve helped small companies who’ve suffered severe data loss and complete destruction of their network to get back up and running, which would have been devastating for them in the past.”

One of Integrated Manufacturing Solutions specialties is managing a company’s information housed in nearby data centers. They have partnered with Barracuda Networks, one of the nation’s’ largest providers of hardware and software for data security, which allows Integrated Manufacturing Solutions an opportunity to become a full-time IT center for small businesses.


“As cloud-based technology advances, smaller companies can become more efficient and save money by taking advantage of things traditionally only available to larger companies,” said Hays. “Our goal is to help people their business better and faster, not just fix things when they break.”

In 2010, the company moved into a small office in Building 51 at Corporate Woods. Since then, they’ve moved into bigger and bigger offices every couple of years. Recently, Hays was looking for a larger space that would also give them more visibility. After working with the Corporate Woods staff, he found a space in Building 40 that was a perfect fit.

“We are a growing company, and Corporate Woods gives us inherent credibility,” said Hays. “We’re never questioned about being a small company, and that’s because of the fantastic reputation Corporate Woods has.”


According to Hays, the company has grown based on their mission to work as partners with companies to solve their IT issues.

“Many people assume IT guys are antisocial, but we build outstanding relationships with our customers which has given us a great reputation,” said Hays. “We love helping our clients, and we get satisfaction out of helping businesses leverage IT to operate in better ways.”

To learn more about Integrated Manufacturing Solutions, visit their website or call them at (913) 440-4849.

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