Tenant Showcase: Overland Solutions, Inc., an EXL Company

For years, a typical job meant going to an office every day from 8-5 and having little control over your schedule. Today, more and more people are working remotely, and employers are realizing it could have tremendous benefits.

Overland Solutions, Inc., an EXL Company, one of the nation’s leaders of hiring remote workers, has their corporate headquarters right here in Corporate Woods. Founded over 90 years ago in Kansas City, MO, the company provides auditing, underwriting surveys, replacement cost evaluations, and loss control services to clients nationwide.


Recruiter Kara Bosler’s job is to identify and hire people from across the country who are looking for a career and lifestyle change by working remotely as a premium auditor. She focuses on finding people with a mathematical background, such as experience in accounting, payroll, or auditing who are looking to make a career and lifestyle change.

“So many people are in jobs that require 80 hours a week to get everything done but aren’t paid more for the extra time required of them,” said Bosler. “We offer a chance for people to work 40 hours a week while having the opportunity to receive bonuses if they go above and beyond their weekly workload.”

According to studies, approximately 30% American workers spend some time working from home every week, and the number is on the rise. Benefits include increased employee productivity and efficiency while lowering stress and employee turnover.

Last year, FlexJobs ranked Overland Solutions as one of the top 100 remote worker employers. Bosler said it takes a special person to prosper while working from home.


“More and more people are wanting to work remotely, but you have to be motivated and committed to succeed,” said Bosler. “If you can do that, we offer a career you can have ownership of because you set your schedule and customize it for your own needs.”

An auditor’s typical week starts with scheduling appointments from home on Mondays and the rest of the time is spent meeting clients and performing audits at different locations. Their goal is to complete 15 audits per week, and there are incentives for doing more work. While the average salary is $45,000, Bosler said motivated auditors make up to $80,000 per year.

Once Bosler recruits a class of approximately 10 new auditors, they go through an 8-week training program which includes computer modules and shadowing experienced auditors. The new auditors then visit the Corporate Woods headquarters for a final week-long training session. Bosler said the visit is also an opportunity to build a cohesive team and set them up for success.


“Our auditors are primarily out in the field working with clients, so we want to make sure they feel supported and connected to the rest of our team,” said Bosler. “Their week here helps them get to know the entire team so they know there is someone who can answer questions or help with anything they need.”

Overland Solutions moved to Corporate Woods in 2008, and Bosler said it is a perfect location for their company to grow.

“Corporate Woods is fantastic because we are centrally located and easily accessible when we bring in new auditors, not to mention we love the beautiful setting, walking trails, and nearby amenities!”

By identifying and recruiting new talent to Overland Solutions, Bosler hopes they can help people make a career change they may not have considered before.

“We want motivated people looking for the freedom to use their talents and take control of their career,” said Bosler. “Hopefully we can help people find a new career they find professionally and personally satisfying.”

EXL has over 15 years of experience supporting carriers, reinsurers and brokers across all segments of insurance. This experience has allowed EXL to establish an expert team armed with an arsenal of proven and reusable data management and decision analytics assets to accelerate client initiatives and gain deeper insights into business operations, product mix and risk management. The company has extensive industry knowledge, a strong, integrated network of analytics, technology and insurance experts to rapidly deploy the tools and techniques needed to accelerate insights.

To learn more about Overland Solutions, Inc., an EXL Company, visit their website or call them at (888) 827-2118.

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