Tenant Showcase: OMNI Human Resource Management

Dealing with employee issues is one of the biggest nightmares many business owners face. What if someone could take care of those headaches and provide guidance along the way? That’s exactly what Michael Tracy was intending when he created OMNI Human Resource Management.

Tracy began his career working in the human resources department for large corporations, such as Kentucky Fried Chicken and Hallmark. Those experiences made him realize he wanted to help smaller businesses with their own HR needs. In 1998, he decided to leave the corporate life and opened his own HR firm.


“Starting your own business is exhilarating because it feels like you are on a tightrope doing everything you can to not fall off,” said Tracy. “I figured if it failed, I could go get a ‘real job.’ Each year I made small goals, and one day I realized I had created a ‘real job’ for myself.”

Tracy’s company is called OMNI Human Resource Management and to this day, OMNI works hard to provide a one-stop-HR firm-shop for companies with 25-1,500 employees.

They specialize in consulting and coaching business owners through challenging employee issues in addition to traditional HR services like payroll, benefits, and talent acquisition.

“Sometimes, businesses outgrow their people, and to evolve, they need to bring on employees who are ready to play in a bigger league,” says Tracy. “It’s a huge and scary decision for business owners, but we help them realize they must make an investment in their people.”

Technology solutions are a key component to OMNI’s competitive advantage. OMNI can provide companies with customized online services, such as applicant tracking and benefit enrollment forms, which used to be too costly.

“In the past, only large corporations could offer paperless services to manage employees,” said Tracy. “We are helping more businesses convert to online systems every day and they are able to do it at a fraction of the traditional cost.”

According to Tracy, one of their biggest challenges is staying ahead of the constantly changing landscape of employment laws and regulations.

“New laws affect small entrepreneurial businesses just as much as large corporations,” says Tracy. “Our job is to help our clients navigate the regulations, which provides a huge relief for owners, and gives them a partner in managing their workforce.”

“Receiving professional help to manage the people in a company can have a huge impact on a business,” says Tracy. “And it’s rewarding to help business owners solve people issues they never thought possible and then elevate their companies to the next level.”

Since starting the business 18 years ago, Tracy has grown the company from only himself to a team of 19 employees. In 2015, he realized their existing office space was not meeting the needs of their growing staff so he set out to find a new home for the company. One of the first places he thought of was Corporate Woods.


“When you look for an office in Overland Park, Corporate Woods is one of the first locations you think of,” says Tracy. “The management team at Stoltz did a fantastic job throughout the entire move-in process and we are thrilled to call this office our home.”

OMNI Human Resource Management continues to flourish in their Corporate Woods office and Tracy says he’s proud of his team’s ability to create a unique business model for HR management that aligns with his original vision 18 years ago.

Since 1998, OMNI has served over 250 organizations throughout Kansas, Missouri and the Midwest. OMNI Human Resource Management is located at 8700 Indian Creek Pkwy in Overland Park, KS. Visit their website to learn how they can help you!

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