Tenant Showcase: Ong and Company

Children often say they want to grow up to have the same job as their parents and for Nick Ong, he made his childhood dream into a reality when he went back to work for his father’s CPA firm, Ong & Company, in 2015.

“I remember coming to the office and hanging out with my dad as a kid during tax season,” said Nick. “He gave me an old adding machine and a notepad and we would have a blast. It’s kind of crazy that it’s come full circle and I am working here with him now.”

Ong and Company

Ong & Company is a professional accounting, tax, and advisory services firm at Corporate Woods. Founded in 1982 by owner Richard Ong, the firm assists clients in minimizing tax expenses in order to maximize their income.

In 1982, Richard was working in Kansas City for PricewaterhouseCoopers, an international professional services firm. One day, the company asked him to transfer to Wichita. For Richard, the prospect of moving his family away from their home didn’t sound appealing.

“Both of my parents are from Kansas City, and they were expecting my older sister at the time,” said Nick. “Instead of moving to Wichita, Richard decided to open his own accounting firm in Overland Park.”

After graduating from Notre Dame with an MBA, Nick worked for several large corporations across the country. The heavy work-related travel, along with starting his own family, made him question if corporate life was the right career for him.

“My dad and I always talked about me coming back to work with him, but it was a pie in the sky idea at the time,” said Nick. “One day, he said if we are going to do this, we need to make it happen.”

Ong and Company

In August 2015, Nick moved back to Overland Park and joined the business. He says working alongside his dad is a breath of fresh air.

“After tax season, it’s fun to have a family member here to celebrate with,” Nick said. “We also work hard to separate work and family so there’s no confusion.”

Since Richard started the business in 1982, the world of accounting has changed. People now have access to a variety of technology tools, such as electronic documents and signatures. Nick believes he is able to bring a new perspective from his experience in the corporate world.

“Technology has changed our industry and we work hard to figure out what our clients need to make their lives easier,” said Nick. “We want to be on top of the changes and recommend the right technology solutions to our clients.”

Ong & Company has always been located in Overland Park, and Nick said Corporate Woods is the perfect fit for the business.

“Corporate Woods mirrors what we want our company to represent, and being a part of this community is important to us,” said Nick. “We work with several companies in the office park so being located here makes it convenient for everyone.”

While Nick says the plan is for him to one day take over the business when his father retires, for now he is enjoying the opportunity to be back home.

“One of our employees has been working here since I was a kid, so it is fun to see her every day now that I work here,” said Nick. “I’ve been able to bring my own kids to the office just like when I was little, and it’s cool for them to be able to see Grandpa work, too.”

To find out how Ong & Company can help with your accounting needs, contact them at (913) 451-0056 or visit their website.

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