Sastun Center Team Tenant Showcase: Sastun Center

Sastun Center of Integrated Health

Imagine leaving a successful career in family medicine to open a new, non-traditional practice that includes alternative medicine such as acupuncture and herbal medicine.

That’s exactly what Dr. Jane Murray did 18 years ago when she gave up her position as the Chair of Family Medicine at KU Medical Center to start Sastun Center, an integrated health care practice here in Corporate Woods.

“While working at KU Med, I realized there is more to medicine than teaching residents how to prescribe drugs,” says Murray. “I had friends who did acupuncture and family therapy, and I wanted to bring together mainstream and alternative medicine.”

Murray says many of her colleagues were in disbelief over her decision, and thought she would come back to mainstream medicine.

“Many of my friends thought I lost my mind and believed I would fail and crawl back for a job,” says Murray. “Some also said they were envious I had the courage to do something I wanted to do, rather than what’s dictated by the system. I didn’t want to be 90 and say I wish I had tried it.”

Sastun Center Team

Murray opened Sastun Center with four practitioners, and the business quickly grew. Today, the practice includes 10 professionals in a variety of areas, including family medicine, acupuncture/Chinese medicine, naturopathic medicine, mental health and wellness, body work, nutrition and lifestyle coaching.

Patients of all ages and walks of life come to Sastun Center in search of solutions to problems traditional doctors can’t provide.

“People go to mainstream doctors with specific symptoms, and they are treated with drugs to cure the symptom only,” says Murray. “At Sastun Center, we want to figure out the underlying cause of the symptoms and fix it so they don’t have other manifestations.”

Murray admits it is ironic to practice alternative medicine at Corporate Woods, but says the office park is perfect for her practice. The calm, relaxing environment in the office sets patients at ease the moment they arrive.

Sastun Center Office

“We outgrew our first office, and when I called Corporate Woods they said there was a beautiful space perfect for us,” says Murray. “Everyone loves looking out the window and seeing deer and the nature surrounding us. Patients feel comfortable here, and their blood pressure goes down when they arrive.”

After leaving KU Medical Center to implement this unique approach to medicine, Murray says her former colleagues are now envious of the work she does.

“Many of my friends say they want to do this, but have to see so many patients each day they don’t have the time or resources we have,” says Murray. “Our goal is to spend time with each patient and listen to what is bothering them. Our patients are wonderful, and helping people every day is rewarding.

Sastun Center is accepting new patients, and would love to work with the tenants throughout Corporate Woods. Contact them at (913) 345-0060 or visit their website to find out how they can work with you!


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