Tenant Showcase: Rhycom Marketing

Rhycom Marketing

Rick Rhyner, the president of Rhycom Marketing in Corporate Woods, started his career in the mid-1980s. He remembers a time when all the print and graphic design work was done by hand, which was then presented face-to-face to the client for approval
Fast forward 30 years and the industry has changed dramatically. Rhyner says new technology, social media, and digital marketing strategies has forced agencies like Rhycom to evolve.

“Technology has completely changed our business. There are so many different types of media, and to hire people with experience in all those fields is difficult,” says Rhyner. “We are fortunate to have multi-talented people here willing to work in different areas to do what needs to be done.”

Rhycom is a full-service, strategic marketing agency that specializes in branding, web development, SEO/SEM, mobile content marketing, video and all aspects of digital and traditional advertising. Their goal is to deliver the right message, to the right audience, at the right time.

When Rhyner founded the company in 1999, marketing agencies like Rhycom usually provided the majority of marketing services to their clients, from creating print materials to developing a marketing strategy and purchasing advertising. According to Rhyner, that has become difficult.

“Today, the industry is fragmented where one agency works on a client’s social media, another produces videos, and a third does the website,” says Rhyner. “We are fortunate to have multi-talented staff here who have been willing to continually learn new things and bring fresh ideas to our clients.”

Rhyner says the future of marketing is exciting, and the company works hard to keep up with constant changes. He believes personalized advertising is the next big thing coming for consumers.

“Today’s consumers are bombarded with advertising messages so it is hard to cut through the clutter,” says Rhyner. “We see more and more targeted advertising to continue to develop, where we can learn what customers are interested in based on their viewing, listening and online search habits. This allows us to personalize advertising for them.”

Rhycom Marketing Office

Rhyner started the company 17years ago at an office in Crown Center. The business outgrew the downtown location, and Rhyner decided to move the business closer to his home in Leawood. He says Corporate Woods was the obvious choice.

“There are so many more amenities and opportunities for us at Corporate Woods,” says Rhyner. “As a growing business, Corporate Woods gives us immediate legitimacy. When we tell people where we are, they know exactly where the office park is.”

Looking back on the history of his business, Rhyner says it’s hard to remember a time before social media and smartphones. His focus is on producing creative work for clients, and adapting to the evolving industry.

“We are always trying to do new things, and provide fresh opportunities for our clients,” says Rhyner. “The most satisfying part of my job is helping clients grow their business through the work we do.”

Rhycom is excited about partnering with other businesses in and around Corporate Woods. To learn more about how you can work together, visit their website.


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