Tenant Showcase: Dr. Jonah Yakel

Doctors treat patients every day based on what they learned in school and their experience working with other patients. Few doctors are a living testament to the treatment they provide from being near death themselves.

Dr. Jonah Yakel is a chiropractic and functional nutrition specialist with a practice at Corporate Woods. He started his career as an electrical engineer, and worked in Washington, DC, as a contractor for theDepartment of Defense with top secret clearance. He soon realized the job wasn’t for him.

Dr. Jonah Yakel

“My passion is serving people and the body, and I’ve always been drawn to that,” says Yakel. “After three years as an electrical engineer, I discovered a path in medicine and it lit a fire in me.”

Yakel went back to school to get his doctorate in chiropractic medicine and started practicing in Arizona. He says his approach to medicine is unique.

“Most doctors just treat and remove symptoms. My goal is to find the cause of the symptoms and help the body heal itself. The human body is so intelligent and capable of healing when given the opportunity.”

Dr. Jonah Yakel teaches classes at Corporate Woods

You probably associate chiropractors with cracking joints and violent structural adjustments. Yakel says his methods are different, as he uses a gentle, light touch when working with patients.

“I consider myself a nervous system specialist, and my goal is to get the system balanced so the body can heal itself. People feel better not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well,” says Yakel. “I’ve seen miracles, and have been there myself.”

In 2009, Yakel was in a major car crash which resulted in 25 broken bones, internal damage, and left him unconscious in the ICU for a month. During that time, his chiropractor colleagues visited Yakel in the hospital and treated him with his own methods.

“Immediately, the medical personnel saw changes to my physiology. Instead of being in a state of stress, my body went into a state of ease. The nurses commented that everyone should be getting the same type of treatment I was receiving.”

Once Yakel woke up in the ICU, he spent less than a week in the hospital and only four days in rehab. In fact, he was back practicing medicine within four months.

“It changed my approach to healing, as I now recognize how fragile what we have is,” says Yakel. “I feel better than I did before the accident. I am a living testament to what is possible for the body.”

After the accident, Yakel and his family moved to Kansas City to be closer to his wife’s family. He opened a practice in Overland Park, and soon outgrew the space. He set out to find a new location near College and Metcalf, with a great view, and peaceful atmosphere.

Dr. Yakel's office at Corporate Woods

“When I found this office at Corporate Woods, I walked in and knew this would be the space for me,” says Yakel. “Everything I do is about creating peace, and my patients say their session starts the moment they arrive. They aren’t looking at pavement and parking lots, and Corporate Woods is a peaceful, professional atmosphere.”

Yakel’s practice has continued to grow, and patients come from all over the region for his help. He treats people of all ages and from different walks of life, with a variety of issues – from chronic pain, to digestive disorders and high blood pressure, among other ailments.

“Our patients have tried traditional approaches to medicine, and haven’t gotten results. They come here seeking more,” says Yakel. “People want to have a more balanced life, and we can give people a strategy to help them excel and do everything they want in life.”

Many people around Corporate Woods have high pressure jobs with daily stress, and Yakel believes he can help them feel better.

“When you’ve been faced with death as I was, it gives you a different perspective,” says Yakel. “I want to help people experience more healing, a growing peace, and get the most out of their lives.”

Dr. Johah Yakel
is located at 9200 Indian Creek Pkwy, Bldg. 9, Ste. 187 in Overland Park, KS. Call (913) 498-0099 to set up an appointment, or visit his website to learn more.

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