Tenant Showcase: AdamsGabbert


Many businesses struggle with developing company processes but AdamsGabbert has figured out a secret formula that not only helps them with their own processes, but helps them better assist other companies struggling with the same issues.

AdamsGabbert is a professional services firm focused on helping businesses be more efficient with people and processes, and they are one of our newest tenants here at Corporate Woods.

CEO Denise Kruse purchased the business at the start of 2012, and in four short years the business has tripled in size and profits. Kruse attributes the growth to having a solid strategy, vision, and adding the right people to the team.

Commitment to clients

Kruse says many of their clients have had to make tough decisions in recent years. Most of them have cut as much as they can, while margins are down and competitive pricing is up. They often end up turning to AdamsGabbert for their guidance and expertise in how to be more efficient long-term.

“Businesses want to be smarter about how they operate,” says Kruse. “They recognize the need for outside expertise and are when they come to us, they are willing to make the investment in developing people and processes in order for the company to grow.”

AdamsGabbert Conference Room

Discovering the right associates

Hiring and nurturing the right associates to guide clients is the second part of their mission. Kruse says having the right people on her bus has been key to the explosive growth AdamsGabbert has experienced in the last four years.

“We have really focused on hiring the right people, and those right people are enabling us to do more wonderful things for our clients, which in turn is more rewarding for associates,” says Kruse. “We involve them in every step of the decision-making process so everyone has ownership and that keeps employee satisfaction very high.”

A promise to the community

One result of having good people on the bus is their ability to do more work in the community. In 2015, AdamsGabbert employees logged 2,300 community service hours. One passion project for Kruse and AdamsGabbert is the Give Seven Days movement.

On April 13, 2014, a shooter killed three people at the Jewish Community Center in Overland Park, KS. Mindy Corporon, a close friend of Kruse, lost her father and son that day.

After the tragic event, Corporon started the Give Seven Days movement.’ Their mission is to “start a ripple, change the world.” For seven days around the anniversary of the shooting date (April 14), people are encouraged to perform acts of faith, love and kindness. Suggested activities are provided on the website each day, culminating in a walk and celebration of unity.

“We aren’t asking for money, but for acts of kindness,” says Kruse. “The entire community is involved, including school districts and businesses. We are asking people to post their acts of kindness on our Facebook page so we can keep the ripple going.”

Finding a home at Corporate Woods

As a result of the rapid growth, the company outgrew their original office. Kruse and Stacy Rose, the Director of Operations and Client Services, set out on a search for a new location.

According to Rose, the team’s number one request was to find an office with windows and a fantastic view.Corporate Woods was an obvious choice!

“Our old office did not have windows. Now, everyone in the office has a view out a window,” says Rose. “We have already taken advantage of the walking paths around the office park. The feel, culture and environment are amazing.”

AdamsGabbert CEO Denise Kruse

Kruse believes the move to Corporate Woods will have a significant impact on the company’s continued growth.

“Corporate Woods adds credibility. When we tell people we’ve moved, they say ‘You must be doing well!” says Kruse. “When I arrive at work each day, I just take a deep breath. It is exactly what we pictured, and it feels like home.”

To learn more about how you can work with AdamsGabbert, visit their website.

If you want to get involved with the Give Seven Days movement, visit their website and learn how you can create a ripple to change the world.


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