Tenant Showcase: Validity Screening Solutions

Validity Screening Solutions sign

Your company has filtered through job applicants, performed interviews and finally settled on the right candidate to join your team. Now it’s time to perform a background check. How do you go about it? How do you know you are in compliance with current laws and legislation when it comes to background checks?

That’s where Validity Screening Solutions at Corporate Woods in Overland Park, KS comes in.

Validity Screening Solutions is a “premiere provider of employment background screening, background checks and drug screening.” The firm is locally-owned and services companies across 47 states of all sizes.

According to Marketing Communications Coordinator Hank Zerbe, the background screening process can be complicated for companies, and they must be careful about staying within the law.

“The screening industry is highly regulated. We must stay up-to-date with legislation in each state because it changes quickly,” says Zerbe. “Many companies miss paperwork and don’t do it the right way. ”

Validity Screening Solutions meeting

One hot-button topic is the “ban the box” movement. Civil rights groups and advocates have been working to remove the check box on applications asking if the applicant has ever been convicted of a crime or felony. The argument is that by checking yes, employers disqualify candidates without hearing the applicant’s side of the story.

“It’s a big and current piece of legislation sweeping the nation. Many states have passed different laws about it, so we must stay on top of it and keep track of current laws in every state,” says Zerbe.

To help their clients follow the rules, Validity Screening Solutions developed their own program to provide education and training about how background checks work. Their system of webinars and tutorials instructs clients on current issues affecting HR practices.

“Other screening companies offer similar training, but they don’t have a program developed specifically for it. We host two webinars a month with a high number of attendees each time. It’s a powerful tool for our clients,” says Zerbe.

Validity Screening Solutions staff

The firm came to Corporate Woods in 2005. By 2013, they had outgrown their space and moved to building 14 where they designed the space to meet their own needs.

Zerbe believes Corporate Woods had a significant impact on the company’s growth.

“When we started, much of our business was developed through referrals,” says Zerbe. “Having a centralized space like Corporate Woods has really helped us to spread our name and brand. Over time, many of our fellow tenants became clients themselves.”

Zerbe believes Validity Solutions will continue to grow and thrive at Corporate Woods, and they are appreciative of all the friends and clients they have met over the years.

“Our clients are loyal. Often times, someone that works for a client will change employers and contact us to setup their new employer as a client as well,” says Zerbe. “We want to build a solid client base and grow with them. Keeping our clients compliant keeps everyone more secure.”

We are proud to have Validity Screening Solutions as tenants at Corporate Woods!

To learn more about them, please visit the Validity Screening Solutions website.

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