Tenant Showcase: HTK Architects

HTK Architects turned the tables on themselves.

The architectural firm typically designs educational, civil and public works buildings around Kansas City.

However, HTK recently redesigned their own office space at Corporate Woods in Overland Park, KS. The result is incredible.

“We needed more space and it was time to freshen things up,” says HTK President Mark Franzen. “This was the perfect opportunity to showcase our own talents.”

HTK Architects was established in Topeka, KS in 1958. They expanded to Corporate Woods in 1997 to service Kansas City clients.

HTK Office

If you drive around Kansas City, you may be familiar with many school district projects they’ve been involved with. The Blue Valley, Olathe, Shawnee Mission, and Gardner-Edgerton school districts are all clients.

“We look at school buildings as a 3D textbook,” says Franzen. “The building can have a huge impact on how students learn and on how teachers do their job. We talk a lot about the social and psychological impact the building has on learning.”

The work with schools inspired the firm to rethink how their own office space functioned.

When the office opened 19 years ago, the industry standard was to isolate workers into separate offices. Today, their work is project-based and requires collaboration. The old space just didn’t work anymore.

“We have a young and energetic firm. They learn and work differently than older generations,” Franzen explained. “It has been fun to open up the office and see our young staff mentored by our veterans.”

HTK Conference Room

Everyone at the firm had input in the design process. They all helped to create new collaborative spaces, cubicles, and to incorporate recycled materials throughout the office. There is even a kegerator stocked with brands of beer voted on by the staff each month!

When the staff moved back into the renovated office after two months in a temporary location, the impact was felt immediately.

“The morale rose around the office,” says Franzen. “I knew we were on to something when our staff started bringing clients and friends to our office to show it off. It looks great and appeals to everyone.”

The redesign entrenched HTK Architects at Corporate Woods, and Franzen doesn’t want it any other way.

“Corporate Woods is a top-notch, first-rate facility. It mirrors what we want for our firm with high standards and quality. It is good for us.”

Franzen says that people in the office park often ask him what current projects HTK Architects is working on and are intrigued about what the new HTK office looks like now.

“We encourage anyone to come by and see our new space and would love to help other Corporate Woods tenants redesign their own offices.”

HTK Sign

About HTK Architects

HTK Architects provides complete Architecture services including master planning, facility assessments, pre-bond planning, complete interior design services, programming, site evaluation and selection, cost estimating, ADA assessments, life/safety code analysis, life/cycle cost analysis, bid facilitation, construction/bidding documents, construction observation and inspection services.

For more information about HTK Architects, visit their website.


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